Admit Card

When we apply for any examination, we are provided a printed copy of the document that contains all the details and instructions related to that particular exam a few days before. That document which describes the identity of the candidates and details of the exam is – Admit Card.

What is an Admit Card?

Admit card, also known as Hall ticket is the official permission card that is issued to the candidate appearing for the examination by the Controller of Examinations. It is a document, similar to an identity card which we need to carry with us during our board exams, university exams, entrance exam, or any other exams, otherwise, we won't be allowed to sit in the exam. Once the candidate has completed the registration and scheduling process, the admit card is issued to them. After receiving the admit card, it should be read scrupulously and all information and instructions mentioned in it should be thoroughly verified. These instructions should be followed during the conduct of the examination.

Details on the Admit Card

The admit card contains all the necessary information about the student as well as of the exams. The details mentioned on Admit card are:

• **Registration number** or **Roll Number**
• Student’s Full Name
• Parent’s Name of the Candidate
• Photo of the Candidate
• Signature of the Candidate
• Thumb Print of the Candidate
• Gender
• Date of Birth
• Identification of the Candidate
• Examination Center Name
• Code for the Examination Hall
• Address of the Examination Center
• Exam name and code
• Date and Day of the Examination
• Time Limit for every Exam
• Instructions to the candidate, etc.

The candidates may download their admit card either by entering their application ID or name and date of birth. Every candidate who receives their admit card before the examination should verify all of the information and details that are printed on their admit cards. All of the information on the admit card need to be accurate. In any case, if a disparity is found, the candidate should immediately inform the officials or authority conducting the exam about the situation.

Importance of Admit Card

The Admit Card is one of the most important documents for any exam. The candidate must carry a hard copy of the admit card on the day of the examination. It is also important because it helps to avoid any kind of fraudulent activity and misrepresentation in the exam. There have been many cases of candidates allegedly carrying out fraud as they make someone else sit in their place to attempt their exam and many similar fraud cases. Therefore, to avoid this kind of fraudulent activity, it is mandatory to take our admit card with us during the exam along with a photograph and sign on it. Students who report at the exam center without the printed copy of the admit card do not get entry into the examination hall.

Case Study 1

In this case study, a fraud was carried out by three men including two brothers who were among 24 people arrested for the recruitment of Delhi Police constables in at least three centers. They paid the same stand-in Rs 27 lakh to take the physical exam for them. The fraud was exposed when police personnel came across three admit cards that had the same candidate’s photo when the admit cards of the applicants were scanned before their physical exam, it was found out that the same man appeared for the three. For the first time, the Delhi Police detected any fraud or discrepancies as they took photos of the candidates separately before the exam, then the anomaly was discovered when the pictures of applicants appearing for the two exams didn’t match.

Case Study 2

In this case study, the admit card for the Class XII board exam of a student from a Delhi school was withheld due to inadequate attendance. The student suffered mental agony and scored less and missed out on securing a seat in a reputed college after his school delayed issuing him admit card. He approached a civil court, which issued a notice to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and blamed the school management and the school principal for his suffering. On the contrary, the school and CBSE denied the student’s claims stating that he was irregular to the school and also failed to submit a medical certificate to prove that he was suffering from dengue. Further, the school said that as per the CBSE rules, a student was required to have a minimum of 75% attendance whereas, in the case of that student, it was less resulting in withholding of the admit card. The district forum, denied any relief to the student observing that he was handed over the admit card immediately after a clearance was given by CBSE. Later, he approached the state commission, which observed that the school sent the list of students who has attendance shortages late to the CBSE. Seeing the sheer negligence and deficiency on the part of the school is withholding the admit card of those whose life was at stake, granting Rs 75,000 compensation to the student. The NCDRC (National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission) further held that the student’s future can’t be risked and they cannot be placed underneath mental agony because of the delay in issuance of admit cards for examinations.


Concludingly, we can say that admit cards are used in all examinations all over India. We may call it by different names such as hall ticket, call letter, etc. but without the admit card, there is no entry for the exam. Many candidates have lost their opportunity to attempt exams due to the unavailability of their admit cards. So, the candidates must carry their admit cards with them during exams.

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